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Our Sponsors

100 Women Who Care Saskatoon exists only because of individuals and corporations that donate their time and services because they want to make a difference in our community.  We do not accept cash donations, we don't even have a bank account.  Here is a list of those "Who Care" with us!  

Solvason Insurance Group Ltd.

10-304 Stonebridge Blvd, Saskatoon



Solvason Insurance Group Ltd is currently the sponsor for our website and a general sponsor.  They were also a sponsor of the appetizers for the 100 Women Who Care Saskatoon meetings in 2016. 


Karmelle Solvason and her Team of Insurance Professionals and Certified Financial Planners offer customized Insurance Portfolios designed specifically to meet your individual & unique needs, as well as investments in Segregated Funds which were rated #1 in 2015 by Morning Star.

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